• Handmade Madder Silk Ties What is a Madder Tie or Ancient Madder Tie?

    Madder ties are a phenomenon in modern mens fashion. They are considered a must have accessories for a well dress gentleman, similarly to a tweed jacket, during the autumn and winter period. The basic characteristics are the mute mat colors and their soft chalk like touch. The Science behind the fabric of a Madder Tie […]

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  • skillful fingers, making a tie, handrolling hem Skillful Fingers

    One of the major difference in our neckties is that we made them inhouse, in our work shop in Athens, Greece, using the same skill and tools that our great grandfather did over a century ago. Our seamstress hand rolls each tie in order achieve the perfectly balanced blade tips, straight hem, a good tip [...] Continue Reading
  • Η γαμπριάτικη γραβάτα του κ. Μπρούνο Τσιρίλο The Wedding Tie of Mr Bruno Cirillo

    A few seasons ago we created a black medallion silk tie. The tie had no interlining and its fabric was so crisp that its knot could stand still and proud for many hours. Whether one would try a simple four in hand knot, or a single or double dimple one, the knot stood still and [...] Continue Reading
  • handmade stripe silk tie KYDOS x Mr Daniel Blocket

    Mr Daniel Blocket is a Swedish diplomat and a classic menswear aficionado. He enjoys to share his clothing combinations at his blog www.diplomaticties.se with his wife – a journalist and keen photographer – who goes along with this to humur her husband. Here he is wearing a soft feeling handmade silk stripe tie cobined with one of […]

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  • grenadine tie, grenadine ties, γραβάτα Grenadine Ties for the First Time in Greece

    KYDOS introduces the world famous grenadine tie for the first time in Greece. Grenadine or Garza (Italian) is a loose jaquard weave that gives grenadine ties a light feeling like that of a gauge. Tailors have been using the grenadine since the 18th century. At present grenadine is one of the most popular fabrics for [...] Continue Reading
  • How to fold a pocket square 2 Learn How to fold a pocket square in Peaks

    In our previous video on how to fold a pocket square you learned how to fold a pocket square into a formal or office folding. It is advisable that you dont use the same way to fold a pocket square in all occasions. In this video you can see an alternative way on how to […]

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  • η γραβάτα του Σφαιρόπουλου KYDOS x Mr Sfairopoulos

    Olympiacos BC coach Mr Sfairopoulos wore KYDOS at the recent European Final 4 and got lucky to bit raining European champions CSSK Moscow and pass to the Final. Here he is wearing one of our premium handsewn neckties. You can find this necktie here     K

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  • How to fold a pocket square How to fold a pocket square – for formal dressing

    One of the most powerful men’s accessories is the pocket square or pochette. A pocket square can complement with its colors, fabric and finishing your outfit and it can also set the mood you wish to exhale. One more way to set the character you wish to give to your outfit is how to fold […]

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  • Skyriana Blue Silk Pocket Square KYDOS x Greece-Is

    An article by Mrs Elis Kiss on www.greece-is.com “In an age of automation and mass production, an obsession for quality, detail and craftsmanship sets this family-run maker of bespoke ties and pocket-squares apart.” — It takes a special kind of man to wear a multi-fold Kydos necktie. Not because any particularly great dexterity or expertise is […]

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  • KYDOS x The Nordic Fit

    At some point by the end of the year we came in contact with Mr Juho Rehakka aka The Nordic Fit and we discussed about writing a short piece on our neckties and pocket squares, which he was very kind to do not long ago. Here it is: “… I was a little bit hesitant as […]

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