Limited Edition Ties



House of KYDOS creates 100% handsewn ties.

Each tie is numbered and collectable, as it only one out of 33 ties created for you.


Experienced construction, for almost a century, combined with high quality textiles sourced in Italy, France and the United Kingdom make KYDOS ties a small treasure for us who makes them and for you who wear them.


Limited Edition Tie


Making a 7-fold hand sewn KYDOS tie can take upto 4 hours. There is no place for sewing machines in KYDOS’ Limited Edition ties.

The only tolls that come in contact with the fabric are needles and the Tailor’s scissors.

By this method of construction the fabric maintens its natural drape, the perfect shape of the blade and the authenticity of a certified high quality tie.

A 7-fold tie is without doubt the most elegant tie ever created. What is a 7-fold tie? Read more about it here.


Limited Edition Tie

Lack of interlining in the Limited Edition collection gies the tie an unquestionable elegance which gains admirers’ attention. Ever wondered why towear an Unlined Tie?


We never compromise on quality. It worths doing things only the right way

  • Only 33 ties are created of each design
  • Designs are never repeated
  • Each tie has one unique code (which relates to design, color and year of production) hand sawn discreetly inside the tie’s folds.

The Limited Edition tie collection is unique. Enjoy them here.


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