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  • τι ειναι το υφασμα Prince of Wales Colin Firth What is the Prince of Wales weave or Prince de Gales weave

    Creation A Prince of Wales weave or Prince de Gales or Glen plaid is a Twill weave of different colored weft and warp. It was created in the 19th century by the Newzealander countess of Seafield of the valley of Glenurquhart  for dressing the game keepers of her estate. The fabric had been weaved with [...] Continue Reading
  • James Bond's Grenadine Tie James Bond’s Grenadine Tie

    From all the James Bond, Sean Connery must have been the most favourable one. Grenadine ties have been a benchmark in his wardrobe. He wore them both in the movie “Dr. No” and in the movie “From Russia with Love”. In both movies Sean Connery elected to wear blue, black and brown coloured grenadine ties. […]

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  • handmade stripe silk tie KYDOS x Mr Daniel Blocket

    Mr Daniel Blocket is a Swedish diplomat and a classic menswear aficionado. He enjoys to share his clothing combinations at his blog with his wife – a journalist and keen photographer – who goes along with this to humur her husband. Here he is wearing a soft feeling handmade silk stripe tie cobined with one of […]

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  • η γραβάτα του Σφαιρόπουλου KYDOS x Mr Sfairopoulos

    Olympiacos BC coach Mr Sfairopoulos wore KYDOS at the recent European Final 4 and got lucky to bit raining European champions CSSK Moscow and pass to the Final. Here he is wearing one of our premium handsewn neckties. You can find this necktie here     K

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  • KYDOS x The Nordic Fit

    At some point by the end of the year we came in contact with Mr Juho Rehakka aka The Nordic Fit and we discussed about writing a short piece on our neckties and pocket squares, which he was very kind to do not long ago. Here it is: “… I was a little bit hesitant as […]

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  • sakis rouvas xfactor KYDOS x Sakis Rouvas

      Mr Rouvas selected for his appearances at popular culture television show XFactor Greece, to combine his bespoke suits with KYDOS limited edition silk ties. Here he is sporting a black silk Gala necktie, one of our most populat limited edition neckties. Find one of the very few still remaining unsold on our Store. K

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  • Blue silk tie + Handkerchief ΚΥΔΟΣ x Mr Androulidakis

    “…An accessory that one should wear consciously. The tie is what , when someone meets you, notices first. That’s why it is important to wear it wisely. The right tie could bring out your severe, strong and confident self…” 2016 Awarded Greek blogger Mr Androulidakis on his blog: Mr Androulidakis is wearing ΚΥΔΟΣ ultra […]

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  • Ελληνικές γραβάτες στην Ιταλία KYDOS x Mr Lehang

    Mr Brian Lehang recently traveled from South Africa to Italy to visit the famous Pitti Imagine Uomo exhibition. He was spotted in an articialy balance colourful combination wearing KYDOS necktie in turqoise polka dot   K

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  • KYDOS hannover germany mens clothing tailor neckties pochette blog KYDOS x Mr Michael Jondral

        His store is known as a “sartorial heaven” and his taste for men’s clothing is known across Europe. That is Mr Michael Jondral, a German striving every day to find the best quality men’s clothes and accessories for his special clients, striving every day for his maxim, “Quality, Quality, Quality”. Mr Jondral has […]

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  • mathew zorpas KYDOS x Mr Matthew Zorpas

      For most of us Christmas means snow, ski and a fireplace, but not for Mr Matthew Zorpas who sported KYDOS handrolled handkerchief at the famous Copacabana of Brazil, enjoyng the sun and the local delicacies. Personalise your handkerchief with your monogram K.

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