James Bond’s Grenadine Tie

From all the James Bond, Sean Connery must have been the most favourable one. Grenadine ties have been a benchmark in his wardrobe. He wore them both in the movie “Dr. No” and in the movie “From Russia with Love”.

James Bond's Grenadine Tie

In both movies Sean Connery elected to wear blue, black and brown coloured grenadine ties. The fabrics used for those grenadine ties have been weaved in the very same Mill, from which we import our grenadine fabrics for the construction of our grenadine ties.

Η Garza γραβάτα του James Bond

Our collection has so far inclued the Brown Grenadine Tie and the Blue Grenadine Tie like the one you see at the photo above. This shot was taken at Jamaica during the filming of “Dr. No”. From now on, our tie collection has been enriched with the 3rd James Bond’s grenadine tie the Black Grenadine tie as seen below:

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