James Bond’s Grenadine Ties

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From all the James Bond, Sean Connery must have been the most favourable one. Connery was always very elegant in his Bond movies and the grenadine ties have been a benchmark in his wardrobe. He wore them both in the 1960s movies “Dr. No” and in the movie “From Russia with Love”. From that point on, they became a must have item for his movie fans and for all sartorialy savvy gentlemen.

In which movies

In both movies Sean Connery elected to wear blue, black and brown coloured ties. You can find the same fabrics used for making Sea Connery’s ties, weaved by the very same Mill which is weaving this fabric in Como since the 19th century, in our tie collection.

In what Colors

Our collection has so far includes the Brown and the Blue Grenadine Tie like the one you see at the photo above. This shot was taken at Jamaica during the filming of “Dr. No”. From now on, our tie collection has been enriched with the 3rd James Bond’s tie the Black Grenadine tie as seen below and with some additional classic colors such as Bordeaux and Red:

Grenadine TieWhat Construction

Our ties are made 100% by hand, without the use of sewing machines, cutting the fabric by hand and using the same technique our great grandfather used over a century ago. The construction we use is either that of a 7-fold or of a 3-fold, with or without interiling and they are untipped. You can also choose the size of your tie, such as length and widt at its widest point, when ordering your tie.

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