Making of

Making of Ties

The House of ΚΥΔΟΣ creates premium, limited edition, 100 percent hand sewn neckties. Each necktie has been meticulously created with the same knowledge, tools and skills that our great grandfather used over a century ago.

Following the sourcing of the finest of silk and premium blends in Italy, France and the United Kingdom, the fabric is then carefully treated, cut and sown by hand in house, in a process that takes more than 4 hours of patient and meticulous work . The House doesn’t use sewing machines; the only tools ever used are the scissors and needles of the tailor, as it is important to achieve invisible seams, perfectly balanced folds and natural drape of the fabric without the aid of interlining.

The House offers Elafria and Panalafri necktie construction. Elafria weights about 44 to 65 grammars, when in silk. It is totally unlined and offers eight perfectly balanced folds. Panalafri is an ultra light weight necktie, of about 30 to 35 grammars, ideal for summer and hot weather, as it is totally unlined, with its 4 fold construction.  Each limited edition number is hand sewn in the inner fold of each necktie.

handmade black silk tie(Elafria)
lighweight summer silk tie(Panalafri)

In 2017 we introduced for the first time a 3 fold necktie, lightly lined with untipped blades. The construction has the characteristic Kydos flat hand rolling hem, with the invisible seam, the perfectly balanced sides at its blades and the teardrop point. As always everything is done 100% by hand and no sewing machines were  involved.  The silk thread is holding all layers of silk together working as a spine, which ends in loops at both sides. You can view in details some of the 3 fold ties we are constructing in Grenadine silk and in Madder silk 

3 fold tie, handmade tie, bespoke tie

(3 Fold)

Pocket Squares

Making of a ΚΥΔΟΣ iconic white pocket square is a process where our seamstress dedicates time and concentration to artistically create every single new pocket square. From selecting the finest cotton and linen fabrics from France or Egypt and cutting the fabric with 100% accuracy, to patiently hand rolling the edges or hand embroidering each side until an ideal finishing is achieved.

A gentleman then has the option to personalize his Pocket Square with his own monogram, which again our seamstress will hand embroider at the corner of the Pocket Square.