What is a Seven fold Tie

seven fold ties

Seven fold ties are arguably the most elegant neckties ever made. A luxurious accessory that had been lost in time, due to recession, lack of silk and need for mass produced clothing. It has not been until the last few decades that sartorial savvy gentlemen have been contemplating their bespoke suits with these elegant ties.

Legend v Reality

The legend is that seven fold ties were made of one piece of fine silk, folded on itself seven times until you have a tie that needs no lining and practically knots itself. Reality is very close to the legend, the silk is cut in two parts, each having it’s hem hand-rolled and sewn together by hand. The silk is then meticulously pleated as many times as the artisan requires to achieve the desired result, making a 4 fold, a 6 fold, an eight fold or even an 11 fold necktie, making in fact a multi-fold tie. The silk is then held together by an invincible stitch, running from one blade to the other, acting as a spine and allowing the tie to maintain it’s shape and the silk to rest after use. Finally bar tacks are hand sewn at each blade to “close” the necktie.

seven fold ties

Standard ties v Seven fold ties

Standard ties, compared to seven fold ties, use interlining to support weaker silks, reduce the cost of silk and allow for mass production using necktie making machines. On the other hand, multi-fold neckties, are more elegant, the fabric drapes nicer and when made to measure they add luxury and elegance to a gentleman’s bespoke shirt and suit.

The lack of interlining in the seven fold ties allows for a lighter necktie, making multifold ties wearable during summer as well as in warmer climates like the Mediterranean.

In fact, a 4-fold necktie without interlining, like KYDOS Panalafri ©, feels like a silk scarf, easily blown by a summer breeze, while maintaining its shape.

Italian 6 fold ties

A more modern version of the seven fold ties has a limited use of interlining, invisible to the wearer. In fact, these are 6-fold ties with interlining, referred to as 7-folds for commercial reasons. Even though not preferred by the purists, it is a construction used by Neapolitan necktie makers successfully. Some claim that interlining helps for a better knot, but a knot depends on many factors. The width of the tie, the type of construction, the silk’s weave and weight and of course the knot used by a gentleman can give a different result every time. Some knots may be wider or slimmer, shorter or longer, playing their own role to the final look of a gentleman.

More than just a tie

Seven fold ties are more than just ties, they are a statement of craftsmanship. Made by true artisans, it is an art that only few houses possess around the globe. KYDOS is one of them.

Our ties are made using the finest fabrics we can source, such as airy Grenadine, soft in touch Madder and luxurius Jacquard silks.

Select your ties with care and if you have any question email us at care@kydos.gr or visit our STORE for a closer look. Seven fold ties are certainly an accessory for men who enjoy the finest things in life.