KYDOS handmade luxury neckties como silk limited edition lightweight seven fold eight fold 7-fold

The House of ΚΥΔΟΣ is a limited edition necktie maker that traces its history back through generations of the same family of master tailors.

For us, a fine life is in the fine detail and the journey of creation:

  • Fine results require fine materials
  • Fine materials require fine hands
  • Fine hands require time

All ΚΥΔΟΣ neckties and products are made in-house and completely by hand from the very best weaved silk which we source primeraly in Como, Italy. Every single fold, every thread and every tiny detail of your ΚΥΔΟΣ necktie is handled with the care and attention of a single tailor. We take our time to create a result we are proud of and to give you a necktie you will be proud to wear.

Discover unique, lightweight and elegant neckwear made with extraordinary quality: your ΚΥΔΟΣ neckties are small treasures for us to make and for you to own.

We never compromise on quality. We believe if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing properly – only the very best will do.

  • We produce only 33 neckties for each design
  • We do not repeat designs
  • Each necktie has a unique code (detailing its order, design and year of creation) sewn discreetly in its folds.

With the ultra lightweight creation, you will barely notice you’re wearing your tie. Absolutely unique to you, your ΚΥΔΟΣ necktie is an ultra-limited edition handcrafted work of art.

At ΚΥΔΟΣ, handmade is the epitome of style, the essence of exclusivity. We know you value true craftsmanship and you understand real quality. You know the experienced, unhurried and caring hand of a master tailor always leaves its mark.

With over 30 years experience, our tailor uses the same knowledge, tools and skills as our great grandfather did over a century ago. That is the quality, history and heritage in every single ΚΥΔΟΣ necktie.

To join the exclusive group of ΚΥΔΟΣ sartorialists,  visit our store today.