Which black bow tie to choose from?

Μαύρο παπιγιόν

Choosing the righ black bow tie depends on the occasion.

Best choice is made based on the material used to construct the bow tie. A bow tie made of luxurius silk velvet, real velvet, safe grosgrain, jaquard silk or the unique grenadine weave, will always be a timeless accessoire in a mens wardrobe, which will help you stand out for your elegance and taste.

How many black bow ties exist?

There is a great variety of black bow ties. Differences depend on shape, weave, quality of materials used and of course wether pre-tied or not.

Why are there so many options?

Answer is simple. Because they have different use.

black bow tie


1. Black Bow tie Grosgrainblack bow tieA Black Grosgrain bow tie is a must have accessoire of a male wardrobe. It is the safe choice that will always keep you covered in formal and informal events. Quality  grosgrain bow ties are made from jaquard 100 percent silk fabric, idealy weaved in Como.


2. Black Grenadine Bow Tie

grenadine black bow tieA black Black Grenadine Bow Tie is an every day bow tie for more casual dressing. Grenadine is a type of loose jacquard weave, but still a very complicated one, which can only be weaved by two family owned mills, using wooden looms. KYDOS


3. Black Jacquard Bow Tie

jacquard balck bow tieThe Black Jacquard Bow Tie is the eclectic choice which is always in fashion. The Jacquard weave gives endurance and a timeless feelinf to this bow tie, which has been made 100 percent by hand and of silk waeved in Como.


4. Black Velvet Bow Tie

velvet black bow tieBlack Velvet Bow Tie is the popular choice of the red carpet and of winter smoking nights. Very elegant and soft at the touch, it adds a luxurious feeling to your look. When selecting you velvet bow tie make sure it is made of 100 percent natural cotton.

black bow tie

5. Black Silk Velvet Bow Tieluxury black bow tie

This is the Rolls Royce of bow ties. The Black Silk Velvet Bow Tie is the epitome of luxury, for every eclectic formal event.  It is a very unique accessoire that will outshine the crowd. It is stylish, elegant and luxurious. Made totaly by hand, the front bow is made of 100 percent natural silk velvet and the back bow from 100 percent natural sateen silk, in order achieve the optical effect that attracts everyones attention.

Hand Made Bow Tie

For KYDOS handmade is the epitome of style, the essence of uniqueness. We know the value of artisanal craftmaship, the same way you can recognise high quality. The experienced, effortless hand of our taylor, leaves a unique mark on all our creations.

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