Can a Vintage Tie with Pattern be combined with a Striped Shirt?

Can a vintage tie with pattern be combined with a striped shirt? Following our collaboration with ever stylish Mr Erik Mannby,  you can see in this post such a combo.

Vintage Tie

Mr Mannby is famous for his balancing act of colours and patterns. During one of his visits in Ascot Chang at Hong Kong, where he bespoke this green striped shirt, he combined it with a vintage tie with large squares pattern in a basic color of brown, with blue and ocra details. These large squares may seem bold, but in practice you will find them very classic and easy to match with other paterns such as this stripped shirt, as seen combined below.

tie with pattern

Mr Mannby’s navy suit was the perfect canvas to place this vintage tie. In this close up you can see in more detail colors, patterns and texture.

Vintage Tietie with pattern

You can now bespoke your tie when ordering. You have the option of a 7-fold unlined construction or a 3-fold lightly lined with a very light cotton interlining construction at the length and width of your desire.  All our ties are made in house in Greece, we donot out source to Italian factories and can be constructed within few days.