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  • επιδέξια δάχτυλα Skillful Fingers

    One of the major difference in our neckties is that we made them inhouse, in our work shop in Athens, Greece, using the same skill and tools that our great grandfather did over a century ago. Our seamstress hand rolls each tie in order achieve the perfectly balanced blade tips, straight hem, a good tip [...] Continue Reading
  • grenadine tie, grenadine ties, γραβάτα Grenadine Ties for the First Time in Greece

    KYDOS introduces the world famous grenadine tie for the first time in Greece. Grenadine or Garza (Italian) is a loose jaquard weave that gives grenadine ties a light feeling like that of a gauge. Tailors have been using the grenadine since the 18th century. At present grenadine is one of the most popular fabrics for [...] Continue Reading
  • Handmade Ties AW 2016 Tie Collection is Now Available

    What a great feeling it is to see the AW16 collection finaly completed and available to our customers. Last spring we started our long trip from Como, which has now been successfully completed. New handmade ties are now available for sale online and the first handmade silk tie has already been shipped to its new […]

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  • Σκυριανά, μαντήλια, σακακιού Skyriana Silk Pocket Squares

    Greek embroidery tradition traces back to the Byzantine ages. Skyros island’s elegant embroidery designs were exclusive creations of the ruling class’ families and were guarded with secrecy to avoid coping and to preserve them during the passage of time. Skyros island’s designs, among other, were symbolizing fertility (hoopoe), the passage of life (ship) and youth (flowers). [...] Continue Reading
  • Next Generation of KYDOS Ties

    KYDOS current generation of limited edition neckties is now completing its journey. Only very few are still available in our Store and KYDOS team made the pleasant trip to Como to discuss and design along with one of the best Italian silk makers. The necessary break was always accompanied by good “cuts” and rich Chianti wine. […]

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  • skillful fingers, making a tie, handrolling hem Making a Seven Fold Tie

    How does a tailor makes a seven fold tie and why are there so few makers of seven fold ties today? Seven fold tie is at common name to call a necktie constructed by folding fabric 7 times. Folding the fabric will create the thickness in the body of the necktie.  These layers will will […]

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  • necktie photo shooting backstage

    There are many stages to a photo shooting. Preparing the story you want to tell and getting a team of talented people to help you relay this story to your audience. Still though, there are stages to follow, approving matterial, montage, titles and copy to go along it and many more. So until the goodies […]

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  • Photo shooting

    This week we started our new photo shoot. Some home grounded coffee will be required for this long and hard process. The plan is to show how KYDOS ties and handkerchiefs are made and also intruduce our new luxury products, soon to be featured at our shop. Stay tuned K

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  • white linen hankies pochette pocket square λευκά λινά μαντίλια ελληνικά white linen personalised handkerchiefs

    Here are three white linen personalized handkerchiefs hand embroided with our client’s monogram “MJ”. They have been ship to Germany. Trivia information: the wooden oak desk on which this photo was taken has been made in the 1940s in Germany and was shipped to Greece for the benefit of a German bank. The bank closed […]

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  • seven fold ties What is a Seven fold Tie

    Seven fold ties are arguably the most elegant neckties ever made. A luxurious accessory that had been lost in time, due to recession, lack of silk and need for mass produced clothing. It has not been until the last few decades that sartorial savvy gentlemen have been contemplating their bespoke suits with these elegant ties. […]

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