The Wedding Tie of Mr Bruno Cirillo

A few seasons ago we created a black medallion silk tie. The tie had no interlining and its fabric was so crisp that its knot could stand still and proud for many hours. Whether one would try a simple four in hand knot, or a single or double dimple one, the knot stood still and proud. The success of this tie has been such that 32 our of the 33 ties made have already been sold. In fact we unexpectedly show the 32nd one yesterday.

Ηταν η γαμπριάτικη γραβάτα του κ. Μπρούνο Τσιρίλο

The Wedding Tie of Mr Bruno Cirillo

The famous Italian footballer Mr Bruno Cirillo, with successfull carrier at Internazionale Milan, AEK Athens and PAOK got marrier yesterday to his partner Mrs Elena Assimakopoulou. The wedding attire was made by Greek tailor Mr Papadogamvros and his wedding tie was the black medallion silk tie

Η Γαμπριάτικη Γραβάτα του κ. Μπρούνο Τσιρίλο

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