The Powerfull Elegance of a Solid Blue Tie

james bond solid blue tie

(c) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

If there is a classic combo that will always make you look sharp, that is the powerfull elegance of a solid blue tie combined with a white pocket square and a light grey suit. Just make sure you wear a crisp white shirt and that your cloths do fit you. If your suit doesnt fit you or your tie is not of your size, then make an extra effort and find the right size suit, shirt and tie for you.

Here is a good example of a solid blue tie in a plain grosgrain weave and with the option to bespoke your tie at the lenght, width and construction of your desire.solid blue tie

For that discreet extra edge, use a white pocket square, which you can customise either by handrolling it, or hand embroidering its hem and even personalise it with your monogram.


personalised pocketsquare

Please keep in mind that you can bespoke all our ties and all our cotton and linen pocket squares can be personalised. We 100% handsewn them inhouse using the same knowledge, tools and skills, as our great grandfather used over a century ago. So please be patient when ordering, as bespoke ties like this solid blue tie may require some extra time to be delivered to you.