Skillful Fingers

One of the major difference in our neckties is that we made them inhouse, in our work shop in Athens, Greece, using the same skill and tools that our great grandfather did over a century ago. Our seamstress hand rolls each tie in order achieve the perfectly balanced blade tips, straight hem, a good tip with our trademark teardrop point, and of course our invisible seams.

Skillful Fingers

To get to the point that the our seamstress could sucessfuly perform these tasks, she had to be spend several hours tranning with our family. But look at the results! Here is a short video of her skillful fingers and how good she has become.

What she does its called “karikoma” in Greek. It is preperation stage to keep the fabric in place.

Here you can see the black jacquard tie she was working on in this video, finished and ready to be worn.

If you wish to learn more about how a seven fold tie is made you can read this article here.