The Versatile Blue Spot Tie

Same person, same spot tie, 5 x combos. Here is the take..

Navy Blazer x Spot tie

Navy Blazer is another must have item in your wardrobe, a classic one, it can be combined with a variety of trousers from cream cotton to jeans. Here combined with another classic item, the spot tie

spot tie

Glen Plaid x Spot Tie

Wearing a muted glen plaid suit, check shirt and one more ΚΥΔΟΣ accessoire, our hand embroidered pocket square

spot tie

Pinstripe x Spot Tie

A more British combination, our tie with a full pinstripe suite and white pocket square folded in tips. If you want to learn how to fold a pocket square in peaks, see this video

spot tie

Grey x Spot Tie

A more relaxed and every day jacket, the spot tie gives some flair to this soft grey wool jacket

spot tie

Pick n’ Mix x Spot Tie

Pick and mix your jackets and trousers and combine them with this classic tie. Here is a pinstripe jacket and grey trousers combo.

spot tie


Partner in Crime

And here is a close up of the partner in crime,  the versatile blue spot tie. This tie is a 7-fold without interlining and has been handsewn in house by our tailor. The construction is also untipped. spot tieWhat will be your combo?