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  • grenadine tie, grenadine ties, γραβάτα Grenadine Ties for the First Time in Greece

    KYDOS introduces the world famous grenadine tie for the first time in Greece. Grenadine or Garza (Italian) is a loose jaquard weave that gives grenadine ties a light feeling like that of a gauge. Tailors have been using the grenadine since the 18th century. At present grenadine is one of the most popular fabrics for [...] Continue Reading
  • black velvet bow tie New Year’s Eve

    New Year’s Eve is usually the most glamorous night of the three. Our plans though are different this year, as we will host a house party without a defined dress code, so the tuxedo will have to wait for now. Being the host, a navy jacket with some texture will be combined with a black […]

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  • blue-silk-tweed-tie Christmas Dinner

    Have you thought what to wear on Christmas dinner? Christmas dinner has always been our family’s highlight moment of the year. It is the time when we all gather together around the fireplace, relaxing and contemplating the events of the year, making plans and discussing dreams for the year to come. The men always wear casual […]

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  • burgundy-silk-tie Office Party

    With festivities already underway have you decided yet on what to wear during the holiday events? The House of ΚΥΔΟΣ, has prepared three outfits for each event with selected ties and accessories from their AW’16 collection.   Office Party Office parties have already started, with lawyers and bankers leading the way.  A classic, deep blue […]

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  • KYDOS hannover germany mens clothing tailor neckties pochette blog KYDOS x Mr Michael Jondral

        His store is known as a “sartorial heaven” and his taste for men’s clothing is known across Europe. That is Mr Michael Jondral, a German striving every day to find the best quality men’s clothes and accessories for his special clients, striving every day for his maxim, “Quality, Quality, Quality”. Mr Jondral has […]

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  • white linen hankies pochette pocket square λευκά λινά μαντίλια ελληνικά white linen personalised handkerchiefs

    Here are three white linen personalized handkerchiefs hand embroided with our client’s monogram “MJ”. They have been ship to Germany. Trivia information: the wooden oak desk on which this photo was taken has been made in the 1940s in Germany and was shipped to Greece for the benefit of a German bank. The bank closed […]

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  • black “elafria” gala

    A nice combination of KYDOS Elafria 8 fold black silk Gala tie with black and white houndstooth jacket. K

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    Χθες κάναμε βόλτα στην Αθήνα και περάσαμε να απολαύσουμε τη γιορτινή βιτρίνα του Bespoke Athens, ενός μοναδικού μαγαζιού με αντρικά ρούχα και πολλούς απαιτητικούς και υψηλού γούστου πελάτες ,όπου οι γραβάτες και τα μαντηλάκια ΚΥΔΟΣ έλαβαν θερμή υποδοχή και έχουν δική τους βιτρίνα μεταξύ κορυφαίων ραφτών από την Γαλλία, την Ιταλία και το Λονδίνο. Bespoke […]

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  • grey suit luxury eight fold necktie blue white hankie handkerchief pochette pocket square handmade limited edition Spring time match

    A spring carcoal color single button suit matched with KYDOS 33gr “Panalafri” Time of Honor limited edition necktie and a hand embroided handkerchief also from KYDOS. You can find both accessories here. K.

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  • handmade ebroided white linen and cotton hankies handkerchief pocket square fold handkerchief personalised handkerchief personalized pocket square monogram Timeless & Personalised Handkerchiefs

    The Greek house of KYDOS is proud to introduce these timeless and elegant accessories. Made from finest cotton or linen, these handkerchiefs have been embroidered and rolled by hand with patience by our needleworkers here in Greece. These white handkerchiefs are a classic item for a man’s wardrobe. Kydos via it’s monogram services can help […]

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