Unlined Ties v Factory Ties

Unlined Ties. Why?

A necktie is a timeless accessoire, which can express personal taste and can impress. Ties are back in fashion and in a great variety of patterns and fabrics. Cheap factory ties are also claiming their place in your wardrobe. Resist…

unlined ties“Unlined Garza Tie (left) , Factory made tie with interlining (right)”


During the era that for a man to ger cloths, he had to visit a tailor, ties also needed to be made by hand. During that era, for a tie to be made required one meter of fabric, which was folded on the bias of its weave, in order to create unlined ties.

Today, to achieve mass production of low cost ties, tie fabric envelops a synthetic interlining. Tis interlining gives the fluffy feeling when touched, which would have been otherwise achieved by layers of silk. Visualy the result seems right, practicaly though a factory made tie feels like a .. scarf.

In order to visualise the scarf effect, we cut a “silk” factory tie, to view whats is realy inside such a tie

unlined ties v factory ties

“Here you can see in more etail the layers of fabrics inside a factory tie”

unlined ties v factory ties

Choose Unlined Ties

The feeling is unique, similar to its construction. Compared to factory ties, where thick synthetic interlining prevails, handmade unlined ties maintain the natural drape of the fabric, the perfect blade shape, the light feeling and the authenticity of a quality tie made just for you.

The construction of unlined ties allows for perfect knots, helps the neck to feel free, giving it a kiss of silk, compared to the common warm scarf feeling ties. Wearing unlined ties, you will forget that you are even wearing anything around your neck.

The unique construction of unlined ties, requires fabrics of very high quality. Synthetic, polyester or other hybrid facrics donot belong in hand made tie construction. The creation of unlined ties requires 100% hand made technique, one meter long fabric and 4 hours of delicate hand work. The result always justifies the cost of such ties.

At KYDOS we create 100% hand made unlined ties, without the aid of sewing machines, making our ties popular among lawyers, politicians and showbiz celebrities.

House of KYDOS’ tie collection includes Limited Edition unlined ties, where only 33 ties have been made of the same design and cannot be re-created. Using authentic grenadine fabric, such as the one used for making Sean Connery’s James Bond ties, KYDOS makes 7-fold unlined grenadine ties.  A grenadine tie is timeless, a safe and a very lightweight choice that every man should have in his wardrobe. The House’s originality extents to ultra-lightweight unlined ties (“Panalafres”), of only 30 gramms, available to be shipped world wide and the specialty of Unlined 7-fold Ties, which is truly a balancing act.

Invest in quality, comfort and uniqueness.


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