The Brown Tie

Alter ego

Unquestionably the alter ego of the blue tie. Timeless pieces of the male wardrobe, paramount for every gentleman.

A brown tie was and still is a classic benchmark of male dress code.


brown tie


Winter or Summer Accessoire?

Brown ties can easily be categorised as a winter accessoire. Truth is that they are very impresive during summer adding contrast to a light color combination.


brown tie



An ivory or honey color suite, combineted with a white or very light blue shirt they will highlight your brown tie, giving you an elegant and cool summer look.

Καφέ γραβάτα Garza

Final Touch

Travel companion to this journey and integral part of a complete dress combination is a pocket square. Brown ties  fit harmoniously with a light blue or white pocket squares.

Choose between the classic solid color pocket square and a blue patterned silk pocket square, to exude a sea breeze aura as you walk by.

A white cotton pocket square or a white linen pocket square, will always be the safe, classic and charming choice to complete your combo.


brown tie

Mr Andreas Botsaris of Rolatop with his garza brown tie and white pocket personalized pocket square

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