Skyriana Silk Pocket Squares

Greek embroidery tradition traces back to the Byzantine ages. Skyros island’s elegant embroidery designs were exclusive creations of the ruling class’ families and were guarded with secrecy to avoid coping and to preserve them during the passage of time. Skyros island’s designs, among other, were symbolizing fertility (hoopoe), the passage of life (ship) and youth (flowers).


Σκυριανά, μαντήλια, σακακιού


At ΚΥΔΟΣ we designed our own Skyros pattern from scratch based on our family’s inherited embroidery. Lightweight silk has been sourced in the Greek silk village of Soufli and each pocket square had each of its sides rolled by hand by our seamstress in house.

The result is this elegant Greek design silk pocket square in winter colours.

blue, silk, pocket square