Grenadine Neckties for the First Time in Greece

KYDOS introduces the world famous grenadine necktie for the first time to Greece. Grenadine or Garza (Italian) is a loose jaquard weave that gives neckties a light feeling like that of a gauge. The grenadine weave has been known since the 18th century and is currently one of the most popular necktie fabrics.  The distinct beehives weave allows the fabric to “breath” and gives a unique visual satisfaction with its texture making grenadine ties so special.


Today Grenadine fabric is weaved by two families based in Como, Italy, using over 100 year old looms. The weaving requires warp yarns to be twisted and interlace with one or more of weft threads in a process that can take about 1 hour in order to weave 1 metter of Grenadine fabric.  The result is this loose but strong fabric, which our house introduces for the first time ever in Greece.

Here is the loom which weaves the silk Grenadine fabric that we use for our neckties. The Mill that runs this loom was established in 1982 and specializes in Grenadine ( Garza ). Click on the photo to see the loom in action:

Garza loom

Grenadine ties are not the same thing with knitted ties. Grenadine fabric is weaved, it is made of silk (mostly), giving a light and refreshing feeling, making ideal summer ties; while knitted ties are knitted by machines in similar manner to socks knitting, they are made of wool, are ticker and warm.

Grenadine ties became more popular in the ’60s due to the James Bond movies.  Today they are one of the basic accessories in a gentleman’s closet, for their comfort, light feeling and texture with character for the wearer.

Some fake-grenadine ties exist, but the are visually cheap, warm and their low price reflects their quality.

KYDOS is the first necktie maker to introduce Grenadine neckties ( garza ties ) to Greece and the only necktie maker offering original handmade Garza Neckties to the Greek market.

See our Grenadine neckties here: