Learn How to fold a pocket square in Peaks

In our previous video on how to fold a pocket square you learned how to fold a pocket square into a formal or office folding.

In this video you can see an alternative way of folding in Peaks. When you fold in peaks, the edges of the pocket square are visible on your suit.  The number of peaks you sellect to make visible is a matter of personal taste. Do keep in mind though, that the visible peaks must be in odd numbers, that is either 1, 3 or 5. Peaks is a nice way to fold your pocket square when you will be attenting a party or a dinner. Its has more flair and is more playfull that then formal folding.

Do you wish to learn how to fold a pocket square into peaks? Here is a video showing how to do it:

Here is one of our hand embroidered pocket square folded in peaks

how to fold a pocket square

If you want to remember how to fold for a formal occassion, you can see again the video here

Now that you mastered the skill, you can find a pocket square here