Blue Grenadine Silk Tie

9cm x 150cm, Lightly Lined, 3 Folds, blue grenadine silk tie, Garza grossa

 110.00 170.00

This blue grenadine silk tie has been meticulously 100% hand sewn in house, using our family’s century old skills and the finest grenadine silk spun at Como, Italy. Grenadine, known as Garza in Italian, is a loosely weaved fabric, weaved by an over 100 year old wooden mill. Lightly lined, with 3 folds, this untipped tie has all edges hand rolled with invincible seams. A silk thread bonds silk layers to create a flexible and enduring spine.

This black grenadine silk tie has been one of Sean Connery’s favourite ties. You can read more about grenadine ties in this next article.

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