Unique handmade luxury neckwear for business attire, gala and social events

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity”

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With a ΚΥΔΟΣ luxury necktie we keep it simple: formed of only the finest silk by the skilled hands of a master craftsman, we create unique, ultra lightweight limited edition works of art.

A quality bespoke suit deserves to be accessorised with exquisitely tailored silk neckwear. You necktie weaves your whole outfit together; it’s the item that demonstrates the vitality and exclusivity of your style.

Elafria (44gr to  65gr)*

Elafria light weight luxury sartorial handmade seven fold 7-fold necktie black silk

Elafria luxury unlined neckwear exclusivity tailored como silk black tie necktie medallion weave jacquard

Elafria black silk medallion jacquard weaved 7fold multifold necktie rolled luxurious silk impressive

Elafria limited edition code numbered exclusive luxury black silk necktie hand made KYDOS


Panalafri (30gr to 33 gr)*

Panalafri ultra light weight luxury silk neckties khaki sand color luxury hand made

Panalafri ultra light weight silk tie hand sewn sartorial tailor made neckties khaki sand colour

Panalafri very light weight for summer tie necktie khaki sand hand made

Panalafri extremely light necktie limited edition handmade artisan necktie code numbered exclusivity


Whatever the occasion, attend in style

Whether it’s a gala dinner, business meeting or social gathering – our limited edition handmade silk neckties will bring out the extraordinary in you.

We also think beautiful style is not just about the special occasions. Every day in life is a special occasion. And with its ultra lightweight construction, your KYDOS tie is perfect for business – especially during summer or in warmer parts of the world. At only 30 to 65g, you might even forget you’re wearing a tie – although, those around you will be sure to notice your style.

Wherever you need to be, a KYDOS luxury men’s necktie will set you apart. With a quality of workmanship unrivalled anywhere in the world, you can be sure you have the perfect style accessory – contact us today.

* Expect necktie’s weight may vary depending the weight of the silk thread used.