Bespoke Ties

Ties have sizes?


Of course they do, like everything else that gives prominence to your personality. Whether that is your suit or your cigar, you always schoose the size that fits you.

Why not to do the same thing with your tie?

At the wold wide market it is comon for ties to be 150cm (59 inches) long and 8cm (3.15 inches) wide at their widest point. Reasoning is commercial and practical. For lowering the production cost, factories adopted and promoted standard sizing. In this manner they covered temporaly a large number of the male population, who were seeking a quick fix for their office, social attire or their wedding. Eventualy factory size became common practice without though fitting everyone.

No tie is perfect for every man.

This factory sizing got men trying to fit those 150 cm elegant and tidy on his chest. A complicated task, which usualy ends up hiding behind a buttoned up jacket.

Bespoke Ties

Your tie is a useful weapon in everyman’s quiver. Capable to raise the psychology, change the visual result and highlight his presence. Undouptedly a bespoke tie is the trigger of many discussions “What a beautifull tie?!”.


The right length of a tie depends on the gentleman’s body type and his height. Whether you are of average height or tall, the basic principle when tie a tie is for the tip of the tie to “kiss” lightly the top of your belt’s buckle. While the back blade should balance perfectly, having the correct divergence from the front blade.


The width of a tie is a subject of discussions among mens wear aficionados. Depending on era, wide ties have been in vogue in the ’70s, while very slim ties have been fashionable in the very recent decades in the world market.

The correct tie width depends on the lenght of the tie, the body type, height and must be correlated with the jacket’s lapel size. Tie width range from 5cm upto 12cm wide and it affects the size of the knot and the visual balance of the torso.

Tie Knot

The tie knot is inseparably related with the length and the width of the bespoke tie construction. Lets take as an example a factory tie of 150cm long and 8cm wide. Trying to cope with various circumstances, it gives different results to the final image of the wearer.

Tall and slim gentleman

A factory tie will solely provide a slim knot. For the front blade’s tip to “kiss” the top of the buckle, the back blade tip will end up hanging loose, high up on the torso. Breaking one more basic principle, that of the divergence between the front and the back blade, the visual and practical result will be weak.

Average height and slim gentleman

short men bespoke tiesA factory tie will provide for a thick knot. The back blade will hang loose long below the front blade and the wearer will either hide it in his trousers or in his shirt.

Tall and stout gentleman

tall bespoke tiesThe knot of a factory tie will always end up being slim, the torso will look empty, the two blades will be out of balance, with the back blade hanging loose and unable to fit in the tie’s loop. The visual result will make a tall and stout gentleman look larger that what he realy is and blowsy.

Average height and stout gentleman

In whatever way an average height gentleman tries to tie a knot, the knot will always be wide and bulky. For an average height stout gentleman this may be fitting, as a wider knot may create a nice balance on his upper torso. The 8cm width of a factory tie, may not be enough to dress his torso and the back blade will look for places to hide. One thing is for sure. Alot of wasted time consumed in finding ways to make a fctory tie fit.

Your bespoke tie

When you can have a tie that fits you, like your trousers or your cigar, then you have the ability to enjoy your choice.

Choose fabric, tie construction (7-fold, 4-fold, Panalafri ©) , whether you want it to be lined or unlined, tipped or untipped, to have a loop and other equally important options, which we are available to discuss with you.

House of KYDOS, understands the needs of a modern well dressed man and sews 100% by hand your bespoke ties, using high quality textiles.

Invest in quality, comfort and uniqueness.

For House of KYDOS, handsewn constitutes the epitome of style, the essence of uniqueness. We understand the value true craftmanship, in the same way you understand true quality.

Bespoke ties are undoubtely a jewelery for men, who know how to appreciate the finer things in life, making their presence felt .

Your measurements

If you feel confident of your bespoke ties measurements, all you have to do is pick the fabric you desire, construction and name your measurements and any other requests when you check out.

If you need assistance, we can guide you through and find together the ideal measurements for your bodytype, construction, fabric that fit your style and tamperament. Contact us to find together what will truly impress you and those around you.


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