Beauty of Jacquard Weave

jacquard weave

Silk fabrics are woven, they can be of a plain weave, a patterned weave or of more complex weaves such as the Jacquard.  Silk fabrics are colored either by using colored threads or by being color printed after the completion of weaving.

What makes Jacquard weaves so beautiful and preferred by KYDOS is that their making process is more traditional, more natural and delivers higher quality results.

Here is an original loom used for making fabric  for our Grenadine ties, You can view it operating


Jacquards are not printed fabrics; all treads used have been dyed in a process before weaving. This technique which has been automated by Marie Charles Jacquard – hence the name – allows for a larger variety of patterns, more complex and sometimes even to the liking of the Buyer, resulting to unique designs. The use of various colored threads and types of threads can provide beautiful and soft gradations of color tones and bold outlined patterns adding to the pluralism of the Jacquard weave.

This weaving process can be more time consuming and labor intensive than a standard weave.  However, Jacquard fabrics have better endurance to use and are can be more elastic than fabrics created through the basic weaving techniques.

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